The Clinic

Ikhala Veterinary Clinic is based out of a modern, spacious and dynamic facility that provides world class equipment and diagnostic tools for your pets needs. Our clinic boasts two consulting rooms, a general and wildlife research laboratory, a spacious procedure area with an adjacent surgery ward, separate cat and dog wards, ultrasound and X-Ray rooms, an isolation unit for contagious diseases and grooming facilities. We also have a separate outdoor space for performing post mortem examinations on livestock when needed.

Surrounding the facility we have large gardens where you can walk your pets and take in the panoramic views of Grahamstown/Makhanda before your consult. In fact, we would forgive you for forgetting you were here to see the vet! The property also has an enclosed paddock where we run puppy training on Saturdays and which is suitable to house equine or livestock patients long term if necessary.




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